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Choose your carpet wisely for no problems

There’s no need to be leery of carpet flooring when searching for a new floor covering. Now, more than ever, the benefits that accompany this product are worth taking an extra look. From durability to gorgeous appearances, to the luxurious softness that comes from the only soft-surface flooring available, you're sure to find things that make it perfect for your own home.

It’s also worth it to visit your local flooring store to see some of these options for yourself. They say seeing is believing, and you’ll also have the opportunity to view the many colors, patterns, and fiber types for a realistic idea of what these floors might look like when in place in your home.

Reasons to choose carpet for your home

As always, carpet is the softest floor covering available. With a variety of fiber options, there are plenty of different lengths, cuts, designs, and colors available to you. With newer technologies, some manufacturers have included stain protection built into the fibers, allowing for greater durability and lifespan as well.

Carpet and its underpadding both act as layers of insulation to help retain heat and reduce the noise levels in your home. You’ll enjoy a warmer atmosphere and see a change in your energy bills through the heat retention, and experience great quiet as the noise levels drop, even with children or pets in the home.

Hypoallergenic fibers area great addition for those who suffer from allergies. The allergens, such as dander, pollen, and dust, are trapped in the fibers and are completely harmless. Once you vacuum, they are forever removed and no longer a threat.

We strongly suggest that you speak with your hardwood flooring retailer about professional installation for your new carpet. This assures a perfect installation you’ll be able to count on for years to come.

Cleaning SmartStrand?

We are often asked how to clean carpets and why they appear to soil so easily after a cleaning. Smartstrand offers consumers a different experience because of its unique fiber DNA. What actually makes this remarkable fiber different?

Never Pour Any Cleaning Agent Directly on the Carpet

NO dye sites – this provides a more uniform surface that rejects the introduction of foreign material into the fiber
Static – what static? Unlike nylon (which as to be topically treated), there is no static to harbor dust mites, dirt, and allergens. Vacuum regularly with Soniclean for maximum effectiveness.
Nanotechnology – provides a super hydrophobic shield making moisture dance on the surface with its nanoloc spill and soil shield. Never apply a topical stain protectant to Smartstrand.
Cleanability – Live life worry free. Hot water extraction is the preferred and recommended method of cleaning. No need for harsh chemicals on normal household stains
DAWN – yes Dawn dishwashing liquid is one of the best ways to clean your Smartstrand carpet. The same Dawn that is used to take care of wildlife during an oil spill will easily and effectively manage your Smartstrand carpet. Simply add 4-5 drops into a container of hot water, mix thoroughly, and blot the stain with a clean white towel. Once you have effectively treated the stain, simply hot water extract the affected area and remove it. Works great for that stubborn traffic area too. Safe for kids, safe for pets, and
Lipstick or other tough grease stains – use Goo-Gone applied to a qtip and gently work the affected area. Never pour directly onto the carpet as it could damage the backing and void your warranty. Acetone can also be used but should be done sparingly and only in extreme cases.
Hydrophobic – fiber will not absorb moisture anytime during its lifecycle. By comparison, nylon will absorb up to 5% of its body weight in moisture. Smartstrand dries quickly with no lingering smells.
All Pet Warranty – the only carpet protection that covers all pets, all accidents, all the time. All you should do is vacuum it regularly and have it professionally steam cleaned each year.

Never Pour Any Cleaning Agent Directly on the Carpet

Baby Safe - Pet Safe - Life Safe

Karastan All Pet Carpet

Luxury carpet in Clayton, NC from Clayton Flooring Center

Our showroom is a great place to choose your carpet

Clayton Flooring Center offers excellent flooring options and plenty of professional services to make sure your flooring experience is exactly what it should be. We believe that having the option to experience the difference truly makes a difference, and we’d love to offer you that option.

From our Clayton, NC showroom, we offer our services to residents from Clayton, Garner, Fuquay-Varina, Smithfield, and Raleigh. If you’re in these areas, be sure to visit us and allow us the opportunity to help you find the perfect floor covering.    

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