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Blog > What hardwood flooring species are native to Clayton, NC?

What hardwood flooring species are native to Clayton, NC?

Friday, February 25, 2022 12:15 PM
Hardwood Flooring

Sometimes, your favorite wood flooring species comes from a local source. That's why it's essential to know a little about the species that are native to Clayton, NC.

Some hardwood options are exotic and imported, but some could come from your backyard. Understanding the difference between them and what that means for you is essential.

Consider these NC-native species types

Pine trees are very well known in the NC region, with beautiful colors by nature. If you choose a pine option, reserve it for low-traffic rooms.

Oak is an excellent choice for solid hardwood flooring because it offers fantastic durability. These floors are strong, dense, hard, and hold a stain.

Maple is another NC wood species that are known for character and beauty. But it can also last for generations, with a dense, durable surface for almost any room.

And we can't forget the sweet gum tree, a lesser-known flooring option. It has a hardness that resembles poplar but beware of areas of high humidity with these floors in place.

Why do hardwood flooring species matter?

Every wood flooring choice has specific characteristics that cater to your needs. For instance, some are better suited for high traffic, with a hard, dense profile.

Others may be softer but offer impressive visuals and colors that match any decor scheme. Again, it's important to discuss your needs and preferences with an associate as you shop.

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